Datasets and Images Details

Data collected and submitted by the participant Organization(s) of Indian Scientific Expedition at Maitri and Bharati stations in Antarctica as below:
S.No Data Types Description Data Submitted by
1 AWS Weather Data such as Temp, RH, Pressure and Wind Speed IMD,IIG,SASE
1 Synoptic Data Weather Data such as Temp,Pressure, Wind Speed and Wind Direction IMD
New Delhi
2 Radiation Data Radiation Data
3 Surface Ozone Data Surface Ozone Data
1 DFM Three Orthogonal components of Magnetic field such as H,D and Z. IIG
2 GEC Maxwell Current, Air-Earth Current, EFM, +ve conductivity and -ve conductvity
3 GPS Observation(o) and Navigation (n)
4 ICM Earth Magnetic field in N-S, E-W and Vertical direction(s) respectively (H, D and Z)
5 PPM Total Magnetic Field (F)
6 RIOMETER Imaging Riometer contains 16 channel corresponding to each antenna (4x4). Each channel contains the cosmic noise absorption data in decibel.
1 GPS Ionospheric and Ionosonde Data at Maitri NPL
New Delhi
1 Environmental Data Black Carbon Measurement NCAOR
NOx Measurement
Water Analysis

Note: The data may be requested at NPDC, NCAOR, Goa for Academic and R & D Purpose. Click on Contact for the same.